19something TRAVEL QUEEN
Serial # Price  SORRY SOLD
General description Not all that bad, could use a god scrubbing and a nice coat of paint.
Bumper, Frame & A-frame: N/A
Dents, Scratches, Damage:   It ain't perfect, but it's not all jammed up either.
Entry Door / Keys: There is a door, but no keys.
Entry Step: Bring your milk crate.
Front Hoist: None required.
Hitch Coupler: Ditto
Roof: Rounded
Screen Door: Just a screen in the window.
Tail, License & Marker Lights: Untested. Will require fiddling with.
Underbelly: On the bottom of course.
Window Glass/Seals: Most of the operators (crank mechanisms) need replacing.
General Description Like nothing I've ever seen in a truck camper. Wild woodgrain and colors straight from a gypsy caravan.
Cabinet: Lots of little overheads.
Catches: Seem OK.
Countertops: Good
Floor: Seems solid.
Floor Covering: Good
Table: Unusual arrangement with 2 dinette tables that convert into beds.
Unit Sleeps: X About 4.
Walls: Some water stains and de-lamination on the back left wall as well as a small area by the front bunk.
Axle/Springs: None of this stuff applies of course.
Dry Weight:  
Hitch Ball Size: X  
Hub Caps:  
Spare Tire: Y or N  
Tire Condition:  
Bed/Mattresses: Foam
Curtains: None
110 Volt Lights: Untested
Brakes: No
Breakaway Switch: No
Converter: No
Int. Fan (s): No
Plug for Ext. Lights: Untested
Porch Light: Unsure
RV Battery: No
Furnace: None
Gas Bottle (s): None
Gas Light (s): Yes, see pictures.
Gas Regulator: I wouldn't trust it.
Range/Oven: Wild color, but had a mouse nest inside. Should be re-insulated before using oven.
Refrigerator: Ice box.
Water Heater: None
Fresh Water Tank: Somewhere
Kitchen Sink: Stainless
Lavatory: No
Sewer Holding Tank: No
Shower: No
Toilet: Gone
Tub: No
Waste Holding Tank: No
Water Intake Valve (City): Yes
Water Pump: Untested hand pump on sink.
SPECIAL      This is a crazy old camper that with a bit of fixing could make a sweet shelter from the elements. Made in California, it has the greatest interior colors and the most unique woodgrain paneling. It need attention in a few areas: it's leaked and the paneling on the back wall by the door isn't the best (see pictures), the entire exterior has suffered from long term neglect, and the lift system (jacks) is not all there. Give me a call at 607-387-5838 and I'll be happy to answer questions.
OTHER   In case you're wondering, this is a big, fairly heavy camper that will only go on an 8' bed. If you have a short bed half ton, forget it.
Dolly Wheel: N/A
Equalizer Bars:  
Hitch Head:  
Owner's Manual:  
Sway Control:  
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