1962?  SHASTA
Serial # Price  SORRY, SOLD
EXTERIOR Ah well, lets say it's different.
General description Aside from the paint, the back window needs some frame work and new glass. The bottom of the entrance door is messed up, see pictures.
Bumper, Frame & A-frame: Frame is fine, tongue and bumper need paint.
Dents, Scratches, Damage:   Nothing major.
Entry Door / Keys: Bent at the bottom, no keys.
Entry Step: Yes, sez 'Shasta'
Front Hoist: Brand new
Hitch Coupler: Good, 2"
Roof: Looks reasonable, need vent work.
Screen Door: Frame is OK, needs screen.
Tail, License & Marker Lights: Completely painted over.
Underbelly: The rear has been covered with something like tarred paneling.
Window Glass/Seals: As usual the front side windows need new seal. I've already mentioned the rear window.
General Description Tolerable
Cabinet: Some warping near the bottom of some of them.
Catches: Why, there is no catch.
Countertops: Pretty good.
Floor: Solid in the front, plywood overlay in rear.
Floor Covering: Cheese ball carpet.
Table: Two cute little fold down ones.
Unit Sleeps: X Maybe 4
Walls: Some water staining.
Axle/Springs: Look good.
Dry Weight: Maybe around 1800#
Hitch Ball Size: X Two "
Hub Caps: None
Spare Tire: Y or N Yeah, but it ain't much.
Tire Condition: Painted red, holding air.
Bed/Mattresses: Front cushions are there, none for the rear.
Curtains: Make your own.
110 Volt Lights: Yes
Brakes: Yes, but untested.
Breakaway Switch: None
Converter: No
Int. Fan (s): No
Plug for Ext. Lights: No
Porch Light: No
RV Battery: No
Furnace: Yes, untested.
Gas Bottle (s): No
Gas Light (s): Yes, but missing globe.
Gas Regulator: No
Range/Oven: Past home of some mice.
Refrigerator: Gas, untested.
Water Heater: No
Fresh Water Tank: Under the front gaucho.
Kitchen Sink: Looks good
Lavatory: No
Sewer Holding Tank: Yes
Shower: No
Toilet: Yes, Townsend
Tub: No
Waste Holding Tank: No
Water Intake Valve (City): Part of the old style pressure system.
Water Pump: No
SPECIAL  Special? Well I guess you could say this trailer is special. How many have you seen with a custom paint job like this one? As you can see three out of four sides have a generous coating of what looks like latex. The remaining side is original (yea!) The interior isn't THAT bad. Smells a bit like mice, or at least what comes out of mice. The rear floor has issues that will require a major tear apart to fix it correctly.  This trailer has many good years ahead of it if you're willing to take on a project.  Let me know if you have any questions.
OTHER The title for this says it's a 75, not correct, but that's what it reads.
Dolly Wheel: No
Equalizer Bars: No
Hitch Head: No
Owner's Manual: No
Sway Control: No
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