1977 Royals International 33'
Serial # Price  SORRY SOLD
General description Has a brush paint job. Dummies....
Bumper, Frame & A-frame: Overbuilt and solid.
Dents, Scratches, Damage:   Not all whacked up, but lots of sloppy caulk, missing furnace vent, and patch job where the awning arm is missing.
Entry Door / Keys: Regular house style lock and deadbolt. Keys only for the knob, not the deadbolt.
Entry Step: A stylin' double.
Front Hoist: Electric unit with the motor missing, as a hand crank though.
Hitch Coupler: A big un'
Roof: One piece fiberglass. Yes, Fiberglass.
Screen Door: Screen needs to be replaced.
Tail, License & Marker Lights: Marker lights are mostly faded. Taillights work.
Underbelly: The frame has either been painted or undercoated and it's coming off. No structural issues.
Window Glass/Seals: Tinted.
General Description Nice and roomy.
Cabinet: Amish built (no kidding) high quality.
Catches: Top notch.
Countertops: Used a bit.
Floor: Solid as the day it was built.
Floor Covering: Passable original carpet and vinyl.
Table: Neat little pull out one.
Unit Sleeps: X Two, perhaps more.
Walls: Nice light colored  paneling.
Axle/Springs: Fine shape.
Dry Weight: It's heavy, maybe 6K ?
Hitch Ball Size: X 2 5/16" of course.
Hub Caps: No.
Spare Tire: Y or N No.
Tire Condition: Dry rot. 100 miles is about the max. for towing.
Bed/Mattresses: Good quality home style.
Curtains: Not bad originals.
110 Volt Lights: Lots of lights.
Brakes: 12" electric.
Breakaway Switch: Non working.
Converter: I haven't found one, maybe yes?
Int. Fan (s): One in bath and one over the stove.
Plug for Ext. Lights: New 7 way Bargman.
Porch Light: Has a plug for one, but no light.
RV Battery: None included.
Furnace: Untested original.
Gas Bottle (s): MIA
Gas Light (s): Not in this baby.
Gas Regulator: Yes, automatic changeover.
Range/Oven: Yup, complete with a bit of surface rust.
Refrigerator: Has been changed to a 110V AC unit.
Water Heater: 6 Gallon.
Fresh Water Tank: Steel.
Kitchen Sink: Double stainless.
Lavatory: A yeller color.
Sewer Holding Tank: Yes indeed.
Shower: A real dusey.
Toilet: Original Thetford.
Tub: Part of the shower.
Waste Holding Tank: Yes it does.
Water Intake Valve (City): Yes.
Water Pump: Untested original.
OTHER   We bought this trailer a nice fellow who's parents would come and stay in it in the summer. It was kept inside a barn for the last 15 years. Royals Internationals along with Carriage trailers were some of the best built, wood framed, trailers back in the 70's. High quality, built by Amish and Mennonites in Indiana. It's a heavy old girl and would make the perfect in-law cottage or a place to stay when building a house. It needs a bit more cleaning plus work on the furnace and possibly water heater.  The plumbing is sound and the interior is of high quality. A lot of bang for your buck.
Dolly Wheel: You're kidding.
Equalizer Bars: No.
Hitch Head: No.
Owner's Manual: No.
Sway Control: No.
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