1953 Spartan Manor
Serial # Price SORRY SOLD
General description In a word: nice.
Bumper, Frame & A-frame: See bottom of page under 'other'.
Dents, Scratches, Damage:   Confined to under the rub rail and front and rear underside caps.
Entry Door / Keys: Original L-66's with keys.
Entry Step: Original working front and rear.
Front Hoist: See under 'other'.
Hitch Coupler: Ditto.
Roof: Virgin, great shape.
Screen Door: Wooden, rear is fine, front could stand some minor work.
Tail, License & Marker Lights: All original and intact.
Underbelly: Swiss cheese, should all be removed.
Window Glass/Seals: Front plexi windows should have new gaskets (can do here) otherwise good.
General Description Very good wood with carpet and vinyl added in the 70's.
Cabinet: All good original.
Catches: Same.
Countertops: Good original.
Floor: Solid all around
Floor Covering: 70's carpet and vinyl with original tile in bedroom.
Table: Cool pull out with extra leaves.
Unit Sleeps: X Set up for 2.
Walls: Shiny birch.
Axle/Springs: See under 'other'
Dry Weight: Ran across the scales at 4780#.
Hitch Ball Size: X 2"
Hub Caps: Nope.
Spare Tire: Y or N No.
Tire Condition: Old and feeble.
Bed/Mattresses: Pretty good original.
Curtains: None.
110 Volt Lights: That's all there is, nice original glass shades, see pictures.
Brakes: Currently hydraulic.
Breakaway Switch: No.
Converter: No.
Int. Fan (s): Fan over stove, not working.
Plug for Ext. Lights: Gone.
Porch Light: Original bell shape.
RV Battery: No.
Furnace: Propane unit added in the 70's. Not tested.
Gas Bottle (s): 2 original 20's.
Gas Light (s): No.
Gas Regulator: Original.
Range/Oven: Newer, maybe 60's, aqua colored Magic Chef. (we do have the knobs)
Refrigerator: Cheap, 70's vintage, but can furnish a Frigidaire from a 52 Spartan for an extra cost.
Water Heater: Electric, untested.
Fresh Water Tank: None.
Kitchen Sink: 2 bay white.
Lavatory: Cute little porcelain.
Sewer Holding Tank: None.
Shower: Yes, with the coolest shower head.
Toilet: Newer camper style Aqua Magic. Untested.
Tub: No.
Waste Holding Tank: No.
Water Intake Valve (City): Garden hose connection.
Water Pump: No.
SPECIAL   Spartan's, in our opinion, were the best trailers ever built. Having been in the aircraft industry for over 20 years before building a trailer, their knowledge of structural integrity was second to none. That combined with superb craftsmanship has keep these great old trailers alive after many of their counterparts fell to pieces.  This 53 is a great example of their craft. Sold new in Syracuse by Foland Sales (sold their first Spartan in 49 and sill in business today) it reverted back to them and lived as a guest cottage until we purchased it this fall. It would continue to make a fantastic guest cottage or add some holding tanks and hit the road. Despite it's rather awkward appearance (we think it looks way cool) it tows great.
OTHER  There are several areas that should be taken care of if you plan to tow on a regular basis.   Starting at the front: The frame has suffered from the elements and rusted through. We installed a temporary patch that will work just fine for a short haul but for sustained use it should be properly fixed (read replaced). Same with the coupler and jack, it's sort of OK but not for the long haul.  Being that the axle is hydraulic, not electric, it should also be changed for over the road towing. A new Dexter 6K or 7K axle will fit nicely. The tires will hold air, but must be changed if they are expected to go round and round.  All of the above things we can take care of.  The rest of the trailer is just super, finding an original in this condition is rare! The shirt pictured is not included.
Dolly Wheel: No
Equalizer Bars: No
Hitch Head: No
Owner's Manual: No
Sway Control: No
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