Serial #   SORRY SOLD 
General description As shown in the pictures it's taken a few whacks over the years
Bumper, Frame & A-frame: Great shape, only needs a coat of paint.
Dents, Scratches, Damage:   Again, as shown in the pictures. If you want more specifics please let me know.
Entry Door / Keys: Both with working Bargman L-66's with keys.
Entry Step: Both doors, yes.
Front Hoist: Smooth as silk.
Hitch Coupler: Better than what's available today.
Roof: Completely gone over and recoated. No problems.
Screen Door: Both original wooden.
Tail, License & Marker Lights: 100% original working.  Including Bargman tailights and license light.
Underbelly: Good, no problems.
Window Glass/Seals: One cracked pane on the right side front. Plexiglass in one small window in bath. Seals show cracking, but seem not to leak.
General Description Outstanding for the most part. See notes below.
Cabinet: Completely original.
Catches: Same.
Countertops: Super original.
Floor: Solid.
Floor Covering: Like new non-original carpet that looks great.
Table: 2 original to the trailer. Outstanding condition.
Unit Sleeps: X Up to 4 with the couch folded out
Walls: Great birch with an even better patina.
Axle/Springs: 100% no problems.
Dry Weight:  
Hitch Ball Size: X 2"
Hub Caps: No
Spare Tire: Y or N No
Tire Condition: Old timers. If it needs to be towed much over 50 miles, it should have new ones.
Bed/Mattresses: Original, firm.
Curtains: Absolutely stunning (yeah I know that's not a guy word) original bark cloth.
110 Volt Lights: Throughout.
Brakes: Like new.
Breakaway Switch: No
Converter: No
Int. Fan (s): Non working original over stove.
Plug for Ext. Lights: New Bargman 7 way with new cord.
Porch Light: Oh yeah, really neat original. Works!
RV Battery: No
Furnace: Old oil furnace, not working.
Gas Bottle (s): Original to the trailer 20# non opd.
Gas Light (s): No
Gas Regulator: Original
Range/Oven: A Dixie. (are you from Dixie too?) Not tested.
Refrigerator: Almost spotless working  original GE.
Water Heater: Newer electric untested. (looks good)
Fresh Water Tank: No
Kitchen Sink: Original porcelain, like new.
Lavatory: The cutest little one you've ever seen.
Sewer Holding Tank: No
Shower: Tin, good condition.
Toilet: Original house flush type.
Tub: No
Waste Holding Tank: No
Water Intake Valve (City): Just a garden hose connection.
Water Pump: No.
SPECIAL  I could go on and on about this trailer but in a nut shell here's the bad and the good:   The bad is that there has been water damage in the past with the most evident in the living room ceiling. Other areas are in the cupboard over the refrigerator, the hall closet, the front right corner over the sofa and the wall, right at the floor line, under the table. I've shown all these areas in the photos. There also has been water damage you can't see, namely the right front lower corner and the left rear corner. Both areas are where the molding is that joins the front to the back/front. All of these areas have been sealed, but none of the damage has been fixed. If you plan to buy this trailer and tour around the country, don't. It simply won't stand all the bouncing around without re-doing some of the wood. What this trailer is ideal for, what it is absolutely perfect for, is a guest house to be parked on your property. You couldn't find a better one. This leads me to mention a few of the good points. First and foremost is just how original this trailer is. From the appliances to the curtains to the cabinetry, it's just super. Ring the doorbell (original) and you expect Lucy to answer. I don't think we've ever had a trailer that is this cool on the inside. You have to see it. The floor plan is perfect for one or two people and when you step inside you step straight into 1953. Denise really wants to keep this one, but the decision has been made to let it go.   Feel free to call or e-mail with your questions. This trailer will be a real find for someone out there......
Dolly Wheel: No
Equalizer Bars: No
Hitch Head: No
Owner's Manual: No
Sway Control: No
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