1946 Spartan Manor
Serial # Price  SOLD
General description Quite free from dings and dents other than the one on the front (see photo) Multiple layers of paint to strip....Wheee!
Bumper, Frame & A-frame: As with all Spartans, the tongue looks rather fragile. Has 1 7/8" coupler which should be changed to something bigger.
Dents, Scratches, Damage:   The one shown in the pictures plus the usual minor stuff.
Entry Door / Keys: No lock = no keys.
Entry Step: Front, no back.
Front Hoist: Added on, see photo
Hitch Coupler: Original 1 7/8"
Roof: Coated, looks straight and good.
Screen Door: Didn't see one.
Tail, License & Marker Lights: Original KD's on the rear. Side markers are mostly shot.
Underbelly: Not too good as expected.
Window Glass/Seals: All seals shot, some glass broken.
General Description The needs a complete 'gut job'. There's not much left that's any good.
Cabinet: Yuck
Catches:   "
Countertops:   "
Floor: Seems fairly solid.
Floor Covering: Only the finest hardwood. (Kidding, it's junk)
Table: Nada
Unit Sleeps: X Make your own custom floor plan.
Walls: Tear em' down!
Axle/Springs: Gen-u-wine original.
Dry Weight: Around 2800#
Hitch Ball Size: X 1 7/8"
Hub Caps: No, but it does have the rare skirts.
Spare Tire: Y or N No
Tire Condition: Good for about 100mi. Not much more.
Bed/Mattresses: Nothing I would touch without gloves.
Curtains: Come on.....
110 Volt Lights: These items don't really apply.
Breakaway Switch:  
Int. Fan (s):  
Plug for Ext. Lights:  
Porch Light:  
RV Battery:  
Furnace: Neither do these.
Gas Bottle (s):  
Gas Light (s):  
Gas Regulator:  
Water Heater:  
Fresh Water Tank: Or these.
Kitchen Sink:  
Sewer Holding Tank:  
Waste Holding Tank:  
Water Intake Valve (City):  
Water Pump:  
SPECIAL  This great old Spartan has a good shell. The interior is totally shot, whipped, junk. Tear it back to the walls and start over. Although the exterior has multiple coats of paint, there are very few dents and certainly nothing major. As mentioned above the coupler is original and if this is to be towed any distance (over 100 mi) we should replace it.  As usual, if you have questions. please let me know.
Dolly Wheel: Actually, yes.
Equalizer Bars: No
Hitch Head: No
Owner's Manual: No
Sway Control: No
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Interior pics soon 
  This is the same trailer

restoration in progress 

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